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Cosmo Estates is a professional organization providing turn-key solutions to the construction industry. From feasibility studies to commissioning and beyond, Cosmo Estates has delivered projects which will last generations and become benchmarks worthy of emulation. From Sensible and Sustainable Architectural & Engineering Designs to Structured Project Management to Diligent Cost Management to Design-Build solutions, we do whatever it takes to deliver projects on program and in budget.

About Us

Cosmo Estates is a premier single window solutions provider to the construction industry. Having come a long way since then, we are today a prime construction company and a name to reckon with in this industry. We offer the complete range of professional, technical and support services in the fields of Engineering, Construction and Project Management. Cosmo Estates can take over a project from start to finish or easily fit into any ongoing project. Our unwavering commitment, proactive approach, expertise in Risk and Value Management and extensive use of cutting edge technology enhances the project without compromising its aesthetic and functional priorities. Our projects span different geographical boundaries and stand testimony to Cosmo Estates’s hallmark of quality.

Why us?

We got the tools

Most commonly, inspections are done by a professional builder or a home inspector. Your choice will depend on your reasons for having an inspection done, and the type of information you need.

Certified Experience

Integrated project delivery (IPD) seeks to improve project outcomes through a collaborative approach of aligning the incentives and goals of the project team through shared risk and reward, early involvement of all parties, and a multiparty agreement.

Competitive Pricing

This matrix represents the functions/roles of a Construction Manager during project phases as defined by CMAA in its publication CM Standards of Practice

Lifetime Guarantee

At Construction Guarantee we understand that bonds are a nuisance or a mystery to most Contractors.

Bonds are generally “item Z” on the list and are often left until the last minute.

18 Years Experience

Work experience lets you find out the various construction jobs. You could be helping out with office work or shadowing experienced tradespeople like carpenters or plumbers, depending on what you’re interested in

Great Support

Established in 2000, the Cosmo Estates offers a full, unique, range of support services to the construction industry.  Having worked on the most prestigious projects that the India has to offer, we have gained a great understanding and unequalled expertise in delivering successful Logistics.